Vacmet India Limited is committed to make positive contribution to the society. To achieve this, company's CSR programme is designed that support weaker sections of society. Company aims to help the local communities by providing them support.

CSR Policy

Our focus areas for carrying out CSR activities are healthcare, education, eradication of poverty, skill development, rural development, environment protection, promotion of sports and any other activity which is duly recognized by the Government of India and satisfy needs of our CSR Policy.

CSR Activities

CSR Programs :-

Company will be giving preference for spending the amount earmarked for CSR activities in the local area where it operates. CSR activities will be either implemented by the company on its own or through specialized agencies. Only such agencies will be assigned responsibility that carry a good track record of undertaking and implementing such activities successfully.

Recent Works :-

Moksha DHAM (Cremation Centre) at Gohari, Chhata, Mathura (U.P).
Vacmet India Ltd was approached to help arranging a permanent covered cremation station at Gohari, Chatta. The local people agreed to provide an open area for preparation of cremation station. The Company constructed cremation station by doing the following:-

  • Leveling the allocated plot
  • Construction of brick boundary wall around the plot
  • Steel gate installation at entry point of the plot
  • Making the crematorium base station
  • Construction of RCC columns
  • Covering the crematorium station with shed
  • Bricked entry road to cremation station
  • Building up the walk around the crematorium station
  • Installation water hand pump.


Group Marriage :-

As a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of the company towards promoting gender equality, empowering women and measures for reducing inequalities faced by socially and economically backward groups in the society, the Company organized/sponsored Group Marriage event at the Unit of the Company at District Dhar Madhya Pradesh for weaker section of society.The event was successfully organized. The Company also arranged to distribute Home appliances as gift to newly married couples.