We are not just a flexible packaging manufacturing company full of people, we are a people company full of life and passion. We are not just customer-centric, we are employee-centric and humane. It is people like you who make us what we are today.

As an employer, Vacmet is a great place to discover all that one can be, and maximize one’s potential. We nurture a work culture that provides genuinely equal opportunities and a sense of team spirit. We foster an open, wall-free environment where senior managers and their teams can sit together to discuss and find their voices heard and valued. Across history, its people have made Vacmet India a company ready to meet the challenges of the dynamic market. Vacmet India has employee-friendly People Practices and promotes a culture that fosters experimental learning without fear of failure. Employees are exposed to various challenging roles and opportunities within the organization. Vacmet India has a practice of rewarding good performers that promotes high-performance culture.

Value Driven Organization

Our company is founded on eternal principles and core values. Our values are reflected in the way we work every day and in the way we induct, develop and grow our people. We emphasize promoting a stimulating and ethical environment that facilitates the free flow and exchange of ideas between our employees.

Growth Culture

Our unique culture is the key source of sustained competitive advantage for us. In Vacmet, you will experience creativity, collaboration, taking up challenges, and an environment that fosters solving complex business & technical problems.

Progressive company

At Vacmet, we make sure the progression and growth of the company also translate into the intellectual and personal growth of our employees. As a global footprint company we are continuously evolving and we can offer many diverse domestic and international opportunities to help you advance and grow in your career.

Open Door policy

We make sure that hierarchies are not rigid leaving space for interaction among employees at all levels. Everyone has the right to speak, voice their opinion, and be heard.

Structured Grievance Redressal System

We believe that feedbacks help us develop a better work environment. The HR Representatives are available all the time to address the concerns. An open environment with a Structured Grievance Redressal System in place means that we listen to every issue, however minuscule they may sound, and see to it that they are resolved as swiftly as possible.

Preferred Place to Work

The inspiration of our work culture cultivates from our rich heritage which has taught us that ‘Work is Worship’. At Vacmet, we have nurtured our family culture in multiple locations and in the process built a ‘home away from home' for our employees. Fully furnished hostels, health care centers, qualified doctors on campus, and a 24*7 ambulance take care of our employee’s residential and medical needs.

Employee Recreational Infrastructure

We believe that a sound mind resides in a healthy body. We make sure that our people find enough time to enjoy indoor games and outdoor games utilizing the facilities available at all plants. We also have a fully equipped gym.

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