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BOPP Films are fast becoming a preferred packaging substrate to meet the growing demand for packaged foods due to their favorable properties like moisture and pollution resistance, high gloss and transparency and their ease of recyclability.

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Transparent & Matte
BOPP Films

White & Cavitated
BOPP Films

BOPP Films

BOPP Films

BOPP Films

BOPP Films

Vacmet India has built its reputation as a dependable provider of BOPP films in India & across globe owing to its extensive product mix and diligent service. With an installed capacity of 1,20,000 MTA, the company has three manufacturing lines for BOPP, with two lines in width of 8.7 meters and one with a width of 10.4

Vacmet’s BOPP film category titled VACOPP is available in the range from 8 microns to 60 microns and can be slit to width as narrow as 25mm. Classified as transparent & matte films, white & cavitated films, metalized films, barrier films, coated films, and holographic films; they find a broad spectrum of applications in various industries.


These films are suitable for applications such as Packaging, Adhesive Tapes, Labelling, and Decorative, to name a few.

Here are some of our featured BOPP
Films products

Heat Resistant (HR)
BOPP Films

HR BOPP films have been designed specifically to replace BOPET as a printing layer in single-family polyolefin laminates. Technically these are transparent non-heat sealable films that offer excellent printability along with thermal stability up to 180°C.



HR BOPP films have

Specialized films for
shampoo sachet application

These are metalized films with medium barrier and high metal bonds which were designed specifically for shampoo laminates but are also being used for many cream and gel-based sachets. The films also support single-family polyolefin structure. 


The films are mostly used for shampoo laminates

Ultra-High Barrier
Metallized BOPP Films

These are five-layer coextruded ultra-high barrier metalized films capable of replacing aluminium foil with OTR & WVTR of <0.1 gm/m2/24 hrs. They come in both heat sealable (HS) and non-heat sealable (NHS) grades where HS grades can be used as a sealant as well as a barrier layer in 2 ply structure.

Film Usage

The films are mostly used for food products requiring excellent moisture & aroma barrier like tea, coffee, spices, condiments, milk powder, health drink powders, and infant formula milk.


Alox BOPP Films

These are Alox coated transparent high barrier films available in both heat sealable and non-heat sealable variants. Heat Sealable grade again works well for 2-ply structures.

Film Usage

The films mostly go in for food products requiring see-through packaging and excellent barrier properties like dry fruits, spices, tea, and pasta & noodles.

Specialized Pearlized Films
For Soap Wrapping

These are low SIT high-speed films specifically designed for soap wrapping application. The films also offer high surface gloss and excellent opacity which helps save white ink. The films have been engineered to support 2 ply single-family BOPP/BOPP structure. We also offer a transparent film which exhibits excellent printability for soap wrapping application.

Film Usage

For Soap Wraping Application



Paper & Board

Stamping Foils


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